Brand Guidelines for the American Association for Anatomy


The American Association for Anatomy (AAA) logo should appear only in the variations within these guidelines:

  • Full color, black and white. When possible the full color version of the logo should be used. Use the logo in black and white only when printing grayscale or black and white documents or when logo colors compete with surrounding objects. Use the logo in white only on dark backgrounds or when logo colors compete with surrounding objects. 


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Terms and Conditions of Logo Use

By downloading the American Association for Anatomy (AAA) logos, you (“you/your” may refer to an individual  or organization) agree to the following terms and conditions:

AAA hereby grants you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, royalty-free license to use the AAA logos on your website, social media platforms and Authorized Materials (as defined herein) for the sole purpose of identifying your legitimate affiliation with AAA and to promote the programs, publications, products, services and events of AAA.  Authorized Materials are materials produced by or for you that: 1) do not infringe upon the personal or intellectual property rights of any third party; 2) contain only true and accurate information; 3) are in alignment with AAA’s mission and 4) are in alignment with AAA’s core values. Your usage of AAA’s logos shall conform to AAA’s guidelines, policies and procedures, which may be updated from time to time in AAA’s sole discretion, and you agree to remain informed about and comply with all such updates. 

Modification, alteration or distortion of AAA’s logos is strictly prohibited. In addition, AAA’s logos shall not be used by you in a way that: 1) is inconsistent with AAA’s mission, core values or status as a not-for-profit corporation; 2) competes or conflicts with AAA’s programs, publications, products, services or events; 3) implies endorsement by AAA; 4) is misleading or causes confusion regarding your affiliation with AAA; or 5) diminishes the commercial value of the logos or the reputation and goodwill of AAA.

AAA reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend this license or revoke it in part or whole, at any time with or without cause. This license shall terminate immediately upon the conclusion of your affiliation with AAA or upon revocation by AAA, at which time you shall forthwith remove AAA’s logos from your website and social media platform and cease further publication, use and distribution of authorized materials containing the AAA logos.