Christine Ross, CCE, MBA, MS
Interim Executive Director
[email protected] | 301-634-7905
Operations, Journals, Public Affairs, Governance

Kelly Cox
Engagement Manager
[email protected] | 301-634-7906
Awards, Grants, Outreach, Volunteering, Scholarships, Anatomy Connected

Keli Hughes
Administrative Coordinator
[email protected] | 301-634-7919
Board liaison, Accounting, Administrative support for membership services, Coordination of office operations

Joanna Kotloski, MS
Director, Marketing and Communications
[email protected] | 301-563-9454
Media Inquiries, Communications, Marketing, Newsletter, and Website

Liz Phares
Senior Membership Services Manager
[email protected] | 301-634-7951
Membership, Address Changes  

Colby Shultz, CMP
Senior Director, Meetings and Education
[email protected] | 301-634-7907
Scientific Meetings, Education, Professional Development, Travel Awards


AAA headquarters is located in Metropolitan Washington, DC, about four miles north of the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

American Association for Anatomy
6120 Executive Boulevard, Suite 725
Rockville, MD 20852
Tel 301-634-7910
Fax 301-634-7965
[email protected]